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Client Feature:  Home Instead Senior Care

ANGELA BELOVS CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH HER GRANDPARENTS INSTILLED IN HER A FONDNESS FOR WORKING WITH AND CARINGFOR SENIORS IN NEED . In 2008, Angela invested in a home care franchise, Home Instead. Home Instead provides in-home, non-medical caregiving services to seniors and their families in need of assistance. Home Instead services allow seniors the chance to stay in their homes rather than go into nursing home facilities. Caregivers address the personal needs of each client, provide companionship and help around the house .

Angela left her job of ten years at a software company to devote more time to running the business. Since the very beginning Angela has been a hands-on business owner conducting all of the client intakes, introductions and care planning. Due to her incredible diligence, Angela has developed a business that is rapidly expanding. She has received numerous citations of recognition for her success along with enthusiastic encouragement from her Community First Fund lender.

For years Angela donated her time to a relief agency that provided service to those in need, mainly seniors, in the Greater Philadelphia area. Angela remarks of her business, œIts what I should have always been doing; its not a job its who I am.

Community First Fund would like your support in helping other inspiring individuals like Angela Belov pursue their lifelong passions. Please consider a donation to Community First Fund your contribution to giving an opportunity to those exceptional people in your community.

Latino Business Owners Discuss Economic Future

On July 28, 2011 Community First Fund hosted a roundtable discussion on Rural Hispanic Small Business.  The discussion was held as part of the Winning the Future Roundtable with American Business series sponsored by the White House Business Council and the Small Business Administration.

President Barack Obama made clear in his State of the Union address that we as a country must commit to winning the future.  After his address, the President asked senior Administration officials to œget on the road, hosting roundtable discussions with business leaders across the country.  The purpose of these discussions is to listen to local businesses and get feedback on how the SBA can best support their growth. These discussions also serve to make sure that local business leaders are aware of and have access to resources and programs designed to help them create jobs and compete in the market place.  Community First Fund is proud to play a part in this discussion and support the advancement of small businesses not only in our community, but across the country.

The discussion was attended by local entrepreneurs of all business experience levels, from those in the process of drafting business plans to well established Community First Fund clients.  A diverse array of industries were represented, from commercial real estate investors to small family owned businesses, from restaurants to service industries.  Lancaster City Council Member Jose Urdaneta was also in attendance.

News Program Highlights the State of Women Entrepreneurs in the Economy

On August 14, 2011, Joan Brodhead, Senior Vice President and COO of Community First Fund and Director of The Womens Business Center brought her expertise to WGALs Pennsylvania Newsmakers show and discussed the affect of the economy on the state of women-owned businesses and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord moderated the discussion.  The topics included the state of womens employment in the recovery and the impact of entrepreneurship on economic independence.

The Womens Business Center at Community First Fund provides training, customized business counseling, loan capital and advocacy support to start-up and existing women-owned businesses. Funding and technical assistance support for the Center is partially provided by the U.S. SBA. The goal of the Center is to develop more knowledgeable, better prepared business owners through these services and outside resources.

Pennsylvania Newsmakers, a premier politics and policy talk television show, airs locally Sunday mornings at 7:30 on WGAL-TV (NBC) in Lancaster.  Check listings for local and cable showtimes throughout Pennsylvania.